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If I see this trash in japan…. 殺したい
Adults shouldn’t look like monsters from children’s books. Japan should be against this 100%. How disrespectful and improper for a Coming Of Age ceremony.

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    Hence why a lot of Japanese didn’t like it.
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    Yeah, no. Dressing like that for a coming of age ceremony is disrespectful. Nothing this bitch says can change that.
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    How dare you be so rude. If you knew anything, you would know that this is how Harutama dresses; this is her style. I...
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    Can we get back to the first issue here? Someone called a girl trash just for wearing what she likes. That is completely...
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    OOC: Hmmmm… I did read that you were supposedly part Japanese on your profile, but due to the amount of weeaboos that...
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    おまえ、日本に住んだ事ある? おまえ、日本語ちゃんと話せないくせに、日本人がこうするべきとか言える立場だと思ってるのかよ? 私だってアメリカ人だけどさ 日本に住んでた時、お前ら日本人よ!ちゃんと和服にしろや! とか言う訳ないのに なのにお前...
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    Omfg exactly. it’s like wtf, shit doesn’t make sense at all. and people are contradictory asf. -_-
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    Oooooh ok I get it. Lol I’m sorry their being anal. I cants say if it’s not but I think it is Osaka Ben
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    Yeah good for me that I’m a regular person and not an asshole yes dahling u r correct.
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    I used to date a guy like you what a waste of time that was. Oh and I’m not babe btw. You think I care about people like...
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